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Impossible Goals

My brother made a personal website for himself and he included on his website a list of impossible goals or things he wants to do. I, to be honest, like a good brother that I am, felt pretty jealous of his list. The brother that I grew up with, and only am two years behind, has already done so much! I talked with him and he encouraged me to do the same list – maybe I did a lot too?

So I went ahead. You can see it below. It was very encouraging to see that while I haven’t done the same things he has… I have done quite a lot of already. It’s also pretty encouraging to see where you’re trying to go, what are your goals in life? What goals, that seem impossible to you now, that you really want to pursue?

I should mention, that with this “game” whenever you accomplish a goal you’re supposed to find other harder goals, that seem impossible now, and add them to the list. The original idea for this list came from College Info Geek.  That website has a lot of great resources on how to make money as a college student, how to study and retain information more, how to deal with your loans, and how to get that job you’ve been wanting! I highly recommend at least a skim through his website to see what fits your place in college right now.

Entrepreneurism and Arts

  • Make more than $500 from caricatures and prints (2018)

    • Make more than $1000 from caricatures and prints

    • Prove that I can survive financially from my Art

  • Sell prints face to face with people 

    • Sign-up to be an artist seeling at a ComicCon 

    • Go to a ComicCon, AnimeCon, SomethingCon, and sell my prints there

  • Design T-Shirts and sell them

  • Invest money in art

    • Create a practice of investing money in other artists

    • Start a business

  • Have a piece of mine in ArtPrize (Grand Rapids)

  • Make a Motion Poem (animated video for a poem)

    • Make a 2nd Motion Poem in collaboration with other people

  • Design a logo that isn’t for myself and get paid for it

    • Create the brand/visual identity of a company or group that goes beyond just creating their logo

  • Start a Kickstarter campaign and get the project funded

  • Start a Patreon account and get a patron

  • Create a story, webcomic, something starring me or my alter-ego Birdman in it

    • Develop a story for my character Beril

    • Create a comic with my character E.

    • Develop Fluffy

    • Develop Boy and Giant Story

  • Meet an artist that I admire

  • Make a sketch a day for a month

    • Participate in Inktober

    • Finish Inktober without any late days

  • Participate in a 24-Hr Comic Competition


  • Launch a blog and have consistent updates over the summer

    • Keep the blog running, with consistent updates for a whole year

  • Write a blog post for someone else’s blog

  • Have a guest writer for this blog

  • Have a webcomic on my blog

    • Keep the webcomic going for a year

Social Media


  • Read a non-fiction book in each of the subjects that that I don’t like (Chemistry, Biology, Geography) – suggestions welcomed!

  • Finish a book with more than 200 pages in one day​

  • Write a book review and have someone buy that book because I reviewed it

  • Read a poetry book (that isn’t the Psalms)

  • Write a book

  • Meet an author that I admire

  • Write a screenplay


  • Survive a summer paying for my own rent and food w/o a full-time job

    • Survive a semester paying for my own rent and food w/o a full-time job

  • Own a car: Her name Elise Belladonna White or E. B. White

    • Own a car and be able to pay for its repair fees

  • Move to a different country by myself

    • Move to a different city and start over again after college

  • Travel to another country besides U.S. and Brazil

    • Travel to 10 countries in America (6 countries as of September 2017)

    • Travel with just a backpack and no plans to a different country

    • Travel to a country outside of America

  • Read the whole bible

    • Reread the whole bible

  • Consistently give tithe for a year

  • Help with children’s ministry

    • Somehow use my art in assistance to the church’s worship and/or liturgy

  • Participate in an evangelization group

  • Own a plant and don’t let it die


  • Graduate with a GPA of 3.6 or above

  • Participate in Student Orgs

    • Be in Leadership for Student Orgs

  • Get in the BFA Program at Calvin

    • Do an Honors Contract or Independent Studies class where I make an animated video

    • Make a comic from one of the final projects for class

  • Live off-campus

  • Go to a Gungor concert

    • Go to a concert by either Of Monsters and Men, The Lumineers, Lorde or Aurora?


  • Pay off the college debt

  • Pay off the IRS debt

  • Have a savings account

  • Learn how to do my own taxes


  • Run a 5k

    • Run a 5k in 30 minutes

    • Run a 10k

  • Survive the army in Brazil

  • Do yoga shoulder stands

  • Do acroyoga with someone

  • Climb up a summit

    • Climb up a mountain that takes more than a day to get to the top

  • Frontflip

  • Backflip


  • Skydive

  • Bungee jump

  • Skii

    • Snowboard

  • Ride a longboard

    • Fall from the longboard and hurt yourself badly

    • Learn how to ride with your non-dominant foot on the longboard

  • Get a tattoo

  • Snorkel and see stuff

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