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2021 New Year's Hopes

For me the idea of writing New Year's often sounded cheesy and conceited when I was growing up. But now I just see it mostly as cheesy with a bit of dreaming. It's not necessarily that what I write be realistic or doable. But it's important to me to give myself some space to hope and dream for things that I want. As the year goes along I like to revisit, sometimes re-write some of these, as way to check-in and to check my course and where I'm headed. Often by mid-year my worries and thoughts have changed considerably that the list only makes sense to gauge where I was on this day.

For this year I wanted to keep these more general, as the purpose isn't to make a list of goals I'll actually reach. Areas of focus are generally: "Personal," "Body and Health," "Career Art and Education," "Communications and Finance" (Sub category of Career). So let's go.


- Read more books

- Use less Instagram

- Eat less meat, especially while in Brazil (For the environment, mainly)

- Figure out how to make some natural cleaning products (Soap, Deodorant, Shampoo and Conditioner?)

- Make a kiln and fire ceramics in Brazil

- Travel once for leisure

- Process COVID-19 and all the 2020 was

- Get in a long-term relationship that isn't just because I put it on here as a goal or because I'm an unhealthy individual who needs someone else

Body and Health:

- Finish my teeth braces procedure and get my jaw surgery

- Find a good (and relatively cheap) Psychologist that I can continue with

- Cook more of my own food, eat more raw vegetables, and Fruit

- Find a good sleep routine that works with my body

- Strengthen core for a better posture (Especially when drawing or making ceramics)

Career, Art and Education:

- Host one virtual drawing, art hang-out, event per month in 2021

- Post 1 Youtube Video a Month

- Grow Patreon to a community of 20 people

- Publish one book

- Find an agent to represent me

- Find a gallery to represent my work

- Apply for Grad School for Fall 2022

- Launch The Blank Space Collective and not flunk (It's coming soon!)

Communications and Finance:

- Send out one "I Keep on Dreaming" Newsletter per month (Sign up here to receive it in your email box)

- Get 100 subscribers to "I Keep on Dreaming"

- Make $20.000 from art alone in the year (Commissions, Store Sales, Freelance)

- Be punctual and effective in communicating with clients and requesting payments (No later than one day replies)

- 1000 Followers on Instagram

- Stay active on social platforms

- Get back to making TikTok Videos?

- Start streaming again?

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