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2022 New Year's Hopes

A collection of plans and hopes for 2022.

I haven't fully reflected on these, as these are more specific steps. But the general direction I've been hoping to guide my life towards is: Community, Care, and Growth.


- Manage my social media use (Insta + TikTok)

- Eat less meat, (two days a week, no meat)

- Figure out how to make natural body products (Deodorant)

- Move out of parent's house

Body and Health:

- Find a good hand physical therapist to get to a better place with my hand, wrists, and arm pains. Go from a constant 2-3 hand pain, sometimes 4-5, to 0-1 constant pain.

- Continue my teeth braces procedure to get my jaw surgery

- Work with my psychologist on setting good boundaries with others

- Work with my psychologist on understanding my needy bits

- Cook more of my own food

Career, Art and Education:

- Start a podcast with Laura

- Finish creating a website for the "What Are You Feeling?"

- Extensive work with ceramics and sell at Semana do Fazendeiro and for Christmas

- Workshops for Jardim do Sol Nascente

- Do some coursework on Amanda Magrini's website (Ceramics) about kiln firings and glazes

- Graduate school applications

Communications, Logistics and Finance:

- Continue pay-off debt

- Save up for emergency

- Renew and get up-to-date on all my Brazilian documents

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