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Before we get into 2023...

I want to dwelve a bit into what happened in 2022. Can't really look ahead if you don't know where you stand, now can we?

This previous year I was focused on Community, Care and Growth. I wanted to develop better habits for myself and expand myself out into community. In some ways I believe it's been happening, I was able to semi-consistently do exercise, therapy and meditations for mindfulness. I'm still a bit frustrated with my digital media use, as it didn't really decrease that much, as I had initially planned as part of my care practice. I also realize some of the goals I had for 2022 shifted a bit, like moving out of my parents house. I realized I was rushing such a path, and can rather enjoy the benefits of living them to further invest in my careers.

Body wise I believe I've improved a lot through my consistent practice and the progress we've been doing with my braces. Growth I've been taking psychology classes this last year, which I'm excited to continue.

Work wise I hadn't actually written much on here I feel. The goals weren't specific enough maybe, or maybe when going into the year I didn't think they would be a general focus of mine. Possibly since I started dating this year, and went to church, and met a couple of friends, towards the end of the year my goal of community began to diminish and shift towards financial stability, career growth and development. I think my main focus for 2023 will be towards this end: making ends meet comfortably and sustainably.

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