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I Care About Things

So. Second episode is up for Orange Unicorn! Go check it out. Now. It’s an order. Or, maybe, just a suggestion? Up to you.

On a similar topic, I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep the webcomic going. I’ve just had my first week of classes back to college. I’m involved in a lot of things, a lot more than I have ever been in college. Last Thursday I just sat in my bed and cried, tired, worried, anxious and everything in between. I ended up watching Hotel Transylvania 2, which I don’t recommend – not the greatest movie, didn’t even offer that many laughs.

I’m going crazy. College reminds me of how much I want to do, how much I need to do and how much incapable I am of doing everything. The funny thing is that, in high school? Well. I slept a lot. And did very little, and just didn’t care. I think the only thing that has changed is that now I care about things.

I care about my grades. I care that I’m making art and making work. I care that I’m putting stuff out there. That I’m working on growing my audience. That I’m working on becoming a paid artist by the time I’m out of college. (Even if it’s part-time.)

I care about things. I care about this webcomic even though it’s just a baby – maybe it’s because it is such a baby that I care so much. It’s so young and fragile; without me will it survive it’s childhood?  So I will stick with it. I will stick with it. I will do it. Because what can be more encouraging than to do something you believed impossible?

I think these Tuesday posts are going to end up being just me reflecting on my webcomic making. Hope you can bear with me.


Your support means a lot to me: it helps me keep going. Going. Going. So if you’d like to stay updated with the webcomic make sure to follow the blog!

You can also follow my Facebook Art page, Instagram (@jandrewgilbert), or Twitter (@jandrewgil), for updates.

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