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Let the World See Your Art

When I began making art there was a major roadblock to learning and growing I had to face. I didn’t want people to see what I was working on. There was this tiny voice inside of me that kept shouting: “They’re judging!!!” This was still when I was young, probably before 4th grade.

But any artist needs to be able to show their work to grow and to make a living. If you can’t show your art, people can’t hire you; they don’t know what you’re capable of doing. Not showing it—simply creating for the pleasure of it—is fine if art is just that for you: a hobby.

By showing your art, you receive criticism and different opinions that let you know what others are thinking when they see it.

For my piece Ecclesiastes, one thing I noticed when showing it to people was that no one saw the story I saw. I would talk with them about it and I would see their eyes light up as they finally saw it for what it was. But the art lacked clarity; it wasn’t transparent enough. And while I noticed the problem, I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. That’s where showing your art to others can be helpful. It gets you to solutions.


My art teacher, Viviane, gave me some feedback on how I could change it. She told me how she felt the right side was too weighted. It pulled too much attention, which got us thinking that, when looking at the poster, people would begin on that side. They were reading the story backwards because of how I laid it out.

Below you can see the result, with some extra changes incorporated.


Ecclesiastes Comic Poster – Is everything meaningless?

My teacher’s input, insight, criticism, or whatever you want to call it, has helped me to make the piece better (I hope). A different set of eyeballs gave me a possible solution. And how about your eyes? What are they saying? Is it better?

Criticism can be hard to take. Even though I trust my teacher, it’s hard to show her stuff. However, I know in the end it’s good for my art. Other people’s eyes can help your art to better communicate its purpose and message. So be open to it.

Share your art.

Let the world see it.

We want to.

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