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New Year’s Resolutions (2019)

new years final

So I did one post that was more on the sad side of things. Reflecting on some of the harder parts of my life. But I also wanted a blog post that was slightly more hopeful?

Last year I also had a list of resolutions. I didn’t reach many of them, but I was still happy that I had the list to which I could compare myself. It was a good way to assess where I am, where I was. I feel like there was growth and change. So this year I decided to do another list of goals. I’m trying to keep this one shorter. It’ll be 10 things for me to focus on this year, and try and get nailed down. Are these realistic? Probably not. Am I writing them down? Yes.

Art Career

  1. Start streaming on Twitch, and have 50 followers there by the end of the year

  2. Have three videos posted on YouTube

  3. Find an illustration agent

  4. Finish 10 personal commissions

  5. Grow my Instagram following to 1,640, double of what I currently have

  6. Write more, post on my blog twice a month?

Personal Life

  1. Go to a psychologist to figure myself out

  2. Go to church at least twice a month

  3. Exercise 3 times a week

  4. Eat a portion of salad once a day

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