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Orange Unicorn – Beginnings 00

So. It’s happening. Or happening soon. Or. I guess I meant to say I haven’t given up. It’s been in the works (kind of). So it’s happening. Mark it on your calendar: The 1st of September, at 10AM*. Orange Unicorn begins.

*Also known as Tomorrow.

Orange Unicorn - Webcomic title

If you’re curious from the past post about Orange Unicorn, Birdman won. The people have spoken. So Birdman it is.


Your support means a lot to me: it helps me keep going. Going. Going. I keep going. I keep on dreaming.

So if you’d like to stay updated with the webcomic make sure to follow the blog!

You can also follow my Facebook Art page, Instagram (@jandrewgilbert), or Twitter (@jandrewgil), for updates.

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