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The First Blog Post – Embracing the Uncertain Future

Well here we go.

The first blog post.

So I wanted to let you guys know what I’m planning, and I’ll just say it upfront: plans will change. This is just the beginning and as it is with any start, the path ahead is uncertain, things may change.

As far as I know, there’s no true map for when it comes to blogging. It can go well, it can go not so well. I may die tomorrow, or maybe I’ll live and write lots of posts. Who knows. That’s life. But as I wander about, I’ll keep telling myself: “Not all those who wander are lost” (J.R.R. Tolkien).

But the plans. I need to tell you the plans.

I want this blog to be mainly about my journey to become an artist. I have thus far dedicated 8 years out of my 21 to art. Dedication in the serious way, actual commitment – even if I wasn’t always the most productive.

I began drawing classes when I was in 4th grade, and then continued with more drawing classes. I journeyed through YouTube, and DeviantArt, looked at tutorials, interviews, and anything else I could get my hands on. I’ve done a couple of online classes and listened to podcasts. And now I’m halfway through college, and still feel like I only know the tip of the iceberg.

Through this journey I have started to make some small money. This past year through prints and commissions I’ve been able to make more than $500, and I have a goal of making $1000 by the end of one full year. That’s not taking into account freelance jobs done for small companies, or my oil paintings (I couldn’t keep track of the money on those).

I’m still in college, working part-time and dealing with all the drama my emotions bring about. The emotional drama really is the biggest time taker from those. So dedicating myself to art and selling has been hard. And I recognize that it’s a small start, but it’s just that. A start. Life can grow and flow from here on out.

As I move forward I hope to be able to share what I learned and what I’m learning. So I’ll share how I try to stay creative and how I take care of my creative self. I’ll also share some art and artists that inspire me and keep me going. Lastly, I might, if I find the time, share, as well, some techniques I discover along the way, be it in digital or traditional media.

Blog posts will happen mostly every Tuesday and if I have extra posts for the week it’ll happen on Thursdays. You may also notice, for example above on the Tolkien quote, that I have links to products on Amazon. This is a small way I’m hoping to generate some extra income – if you buy something, it’ll give me a small commission. I’m sure you’ve seen this with some YouTubers or Bloggers.

If you’re considering buying something I recommend, please consider doing it through the link I provide. That’ll help me out to keep this Blog going, and to just pay my bills. I hope that whatever I link to can be a welcome addition to your book, art, or music collection!

To end:

For this blog to work well I need your participation, your engagement. It’d be great if you follow my blog – the button is to the side – or my art page for updates.

I want to learn from you: what do you like to read about, what matters to you? And so as I write and post, please share or like something when you feel a connection to it. That’ll let me know to write more on that topic; to dig deeper.

And even more important: comment and let me know what you think. If you feel I’m missing something, forgetting something—throw it in the discussion! I want you to be a part of this newborn blog.

I welcome you to: “I Keep On Dreaming.”

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