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Where shall I go in 2023?

Last post I wrote a short reflection about where I feel like I am. For 2023 I have a bit of a different set of goals and aims compared to 2022. My focus has been shifting towards career and work, and I hope this will blossom a bit in 2023. Mainly I want to reach a level of stability financially hoping that in 2024 I get to move out of the house from my parents. While this happens I also want to continue growing mentally through my psychology classes and opening up a different career path in the future. Having that in mind, I believe my focus for 2023 can match the theme: "Deeper Roots."

Deeper Roots in Finances, possibilities and hopes:

- Average about $15.000 income, after business expenses, in the year or $1.667/month. That may seem low, but for Brazilian economy and reality that would be incredible for me!

- Establish a list of clients, and make contact with them, to whom I can go back to find work, or they come to me more consistently: focus on book agents, creative industry, marketing

- Develop the "What Are You Feeling?" Brand to sell my work as calendars, journals and notebooks, prints and stickers and ceramic pieces!

- Develop a group of helpers surrounding my finances: administration, accountability, sales-people

- Send out the WRUF book to Brazilian kickstarter supporters

Deeper Roots in Knowledge and Being:

- Continue taking classes at Univiçosa for a Psychology degree

- Continue sharing what I'm learning on my Instagram platform

- Develop my video skills for short-form creations and Youtube: one video per month.

- Learn more about trauma healing: yoga, EMDR, art-therapy

- Start more physical exercise (poledance, weight-lifting)

- Develop further knowledge of tattooing

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